Patient Information

Please find below some information which are frequently asked by patients. We hope this you would find this helpful. If you need more information, please get in touch with us.


Documents to bring with you

It will be helpful if you could bring the following to your consultation if you have them to hand:

  • Referral letter either from your GP or your consultant
  • Previous blood tests results, Imaging ( xray, ultrasound or MRI ) on CD and the relevant report
  • Insurance authorisation number


Outpatient Consultation Fees 

Initial appointment: £300

Follow Up Appointments: £225

Telephone Follow Up Consultation: £225

Both initial and follow up appointments are 30 mins.


Outpatient procedures 

Joint, Tendon, Intramuscular or soft tissue injection: £150

Joint Aspiration : £150

In addition to this, the clinic or hospital may charge their own fee for injectable drugs and dressings.


Medical Insurance

We work with most major insurance providers and will charge within the schedule of charges for specific insurance companies.

As you are ultimately responsible for all cost of your care, even if you are insured, it is important to check the cover your insurance will provide. We strongly recommend that you notify your insurance provider prior to proceeding with your initial and follow up outpatient consultations, diagnostic investigations such as blood tests and imaging as well as any proposed treatment.

Your insurance provider will provide you with an authorisation number. Please provide this to us prior to your consultation and bring it along to your appointment.

Patients are ultimately responsible for all costs incurred, not their insurers. Please be mindful that insurance policies vary widely and we are unable to advice each patient individually on what is and is not covered. There can be an excess, shortfall or limit to your insurance cover.

Please be careful as even though your insurance company has authorised for you to have consultations or diagnostic tests, your insurance provider may not cover the entire cost . This is usually the case if you have a policy with limited benefits or if you have an excess. If you like further information about specific costs, please get in touch and we can help direct you to the relevant department.


Diagnostic Tests

You may be recommended to undergo further tests following your consultation such as scans or blood tests. These tests are provided and billed by the relevant clinic / hospitals and are not billed by Dr. Ng’s office.

Although your insurers may have authorised your consultation, they will often need to pre authorise separately for diagnostic tests and we strongly advice that you contact your insurers to inform them prior to proceeding with the tests.  Please note that your insurance provider may not cover the entire cost, for example, if there is a limit on your policy or an excess.

It is important to note that patients are ultimately responsible for all costs incurred, not their insurers and keeping your insurers informed along the way can help avoid any unexpected costs.


All correspondence will be sent by e-mail, encrypted if deemed necessary. If you wish to opt out from this, please let us know as soon as possible.


Terms and Conditions – Payment Policies

All overseas patients would need to make an upfront payment before the appointment.

For insured patients, both Membership/Policy number and Pre-authorisation number are essential. Without this information prior to the consultation, patients will be required to pay on the day and claim.

For sponsored patients, a Letter of Guarantee (LoG) to cover consultation, diagnostics and/or treatment is essential. Without the LoG, prior to the consultation, patients will be required to pay on the day and claim.

All invoices and payments are managed by Medical Billing Direct Ltd. Their contact details can be found on their website.